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Create authorisation tags to access multiple personal communication services from a single authorized user. Use them to automate the release of your personal information to the right person in case of a change of address or personal emergency.
Use the authorisation tags in your daily business. Redirect e-mails to authorised e-mail addresses. Provide a single authorisation for your entire business.
Capture incoming e-mails from e-mail services in one inbox.
See who has accessed your personal information and where they have gone.
Redirect incoming e-mails to your preferred e-mail address.
Use authorisation tags to filter personal information from personal e-mail services.
If you send e-mails from your own mail account, you can now also automate your business contacts.
Avoid the need to manage multiple authorisation tags for your personal and business contacts.
Packagesoft ERA is a reliable and secure application, therefore we do not record your email address.
Send as many as you like and set your preference to send e-mails once a day or to send each day a list of e-mails.
When sending or downloading a e-mail you can specify whether the e-mail should be sent to the authorisation tag or to the e-mail address.
Before sending an e-mail, or before downloading a saved e-mail, it is important to check that the authorisation tag has an email address for the specific e-mail to be sent to.
If the authorisation tag is without an e-mail address, Packagesoft ERA will automatically prefix the existing subject content of the e-mail with the authorisation tag.
The e-mail content will be sent to the authorisation tag from the e-mail address specified.
Before downloading a saved e-mail, it is important to check that the e-mail is in the authorisation tag.
If the e-mail is not in the authorisation tag, Packagesoft ERA will automatically prefix the subject content with the authorisation tag.
When no e-mail has been added to the authorisation tag, the subject content is automatically prefixed with the authorisation tag.
Check your e-mails within the Packagesoft ERA program. Keep an overview of your authorisation tags in the program and in your e-mail application.
Because Packagesoft ERA is a reliable and secure application, you do not need to record your email address.
There is a small outlay of memory.
The authorisation d82f892c90

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1. The Mac keyboard layout.

Download VirtuaWin 1.5.1

VirtuaWin is a fork of Mjolnir’s software, written by Damian Dabyan for use with the Mjolnir (Myjol) mouse. It is also used with other mice and most joysticks. VirtuaWin is the software that runs a real-time USB display driver on your computer, and allows you to use joysticks, keyboards, and other hardware peripherals to control your computer.

VirtuaWin is an open source project, licensed under the GNU General Public License. It was initially based on the Vista driver, and uses the BKSS protocol. VirtuaWin provides mouse and keyboard emulation (as well as joysticks and other input devices). This allows the user to run Windows applications in a window on a Linux desktop (e.g. the standard window manager, KDE, Fluxbox, IceWM, or Enlightenment, etc.) or to run the Windows operating system itself.

The basic functionality of VirtuaWin can be described as follows: VirtuaWin allows you to use hardware devices, such as keyboards, mice, and joysticks, to interact with your computer. It provides a framework for creating special window managers that allow applications to be launched and run on your PC.

VirtuaWin is a small replacement for «vmware-view», a separate virtual machine software, or a full operating system. With VirtuaWin, you can run Windows applications on Linux. You can also install Windows on top of Linux without any third-party software, with the Windows installation part provided as a disk image.

In addition, VirtuaWin has a Windows taskbar support, so you can run and access Windows applications from a Linux desktop and a Windows taskbar from a Linux desktop.


The basic concept of this project is to provide a free operating system and build environment, which, upon invocation, runs the user-provided software on the user’s physical PC. In other words, it means you can run any piece of software on any computer system that has a proper input/output driver.

The following actions will be made with VirtuaWin:

Run Windows application from Windows desktop on a Linux desktop, and

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