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TomTom HOME is a comprehensive and effective application that comes in handy for users who need to update the content on their TomTom device, which is an automotive navigation system.
After connecting the navigation device to your computer, the application will automatically recognize it and will allow you to manage maps and other content with ease. It allows you to stay up to date with the latest information and enables you to subscribe to the preferred services.
The main window of TomTom HOME displays all of the available features in categories so you can operate your device in a more intuitive way. You are able to purchase various maps so you can update the routes for each country, get real-time traffic reports in your navigation device, as well as receive warnings when you are approaching safety cameras.
What’s more, the ‘Add Traffic, Voices and other services’ section enables you to add your favorite songs and images of your family and friends, as well as store play text or HTML documents on your navigation device. Additionally, you can view the fuel prices for each gas station.
In case you want to remove some files from your device, you can easily navigate to the ‘Manage my device’ option and view all the listed items. This way, you can remove the ones you don’t want anymore.
Whether you are travelling abroad or simply want to visit a city that you currently don’t know, you can use the TomTom Planner feature to set a starting and a destination point, then calculate the route. It will display the total amount of time required to travel between the specified points, including traffic delay. Also, driving directions are available.

What’s new in this version:

New interface

Bug fixes and improvements

TomTom HOME Features:

Add and manage device content

Create a safe route to drive and return home

Plan your journey on Google Maps

Real-time traffic reports

Updates to Google Maps and navigation

Live satellite images

Favorites and history list of recommended places

Add Traffic, Voices and other services

Free maps of the world, USA, Canada, Mexico and the UK

Highway information (Current and planned)

Get guidance on nearby services

Locate gas stations and their rates

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TomTom HOME Latest Version

TomTom HOME for Windows Mobile 10, 8.1 and 7.5

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WSPR is a Mode 3 test designed to work on an expensive digital soundcard. WSPR makes use of the soundcard’s ADC (analog to digital converter) to transmit a chirp and then measure the amount of energy it takes to demodulate this chirp.

WSPR works by taking advantage of the ADC to transmit a chirp of very short duration. In the analysis section we will estimate the chirp’s frequency and the bandwidth. The very short chirp time, compared to the time in which the chirp travels the typical length of a room, is the basis for the name «WSPR». The digital soundcard then demodulates the chirp, and this process is used to determine the amplitude of the received signal.

Note that the specific details of how the chirp is transmitted and received can be made to operate in many different ways. This article will focus on the implementation details necessary to make WSPR work. For more information on WSPR testing, please read the WSPR testing page.

The soundcard must have a different configuration than the WSPR command set used in the analysis section. For the latest command set check out the Tools page.

The following sections describe how the program works.

Overview of the WSPR testing procedure

The WSPR process begins when the software is started. The WSPR method is run as:

wspr.exe -c../wspr-tech/Capture/wspr-c.dat -t../wspr-tech/Capture/wspr-t.dat -c wspr-c.dat -t wspr-t.dat

For the WSPR process to work, the «wspr-c.dat» and «wspr-t.dat» files have to be placed in the same folder as the «wspr.exe» program. These files contain the chirp signal to be sent and the actual waveform of the chirp to be received.

In the program, the -c wspr-c.dat and -t wspr-t.dat options tell the program to use the «wspr-c.dat» and «wspr-t.dat» files as the transmit and receive signals respectively.

The Capture folder contains three files named


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