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Data collection and analysis are done to create an accurate and personalized Internet search.
Provides four search engines to help get the most accurate results.
One search term at a time.
No registration required.

What I am seeking:

Main features
An app that gets useful results regardless of the search field.
Standalone, meaning it can be used as a tool with no connection to an operating system.
Saves your input and can be used for future searches.

What I would like to see:

A notification when the input has been saved.
A notification if there is an update available.


Search with the Duck
There are four main search engines currently used on the web, but DuckDuckGo is the only one that uses the Duck for search. DuckDuckGo is a simple, no-frills search engine that tends to return results that are not as relevant as those of other search engines.
If you can’t bear having to use another, then use DuckDuckGo. It’s the original, and still the only one that uses the Duck.

No input fields to fill in
Everything is done by DuckDuckGo’s Duck, so you can use your normal web browser for DuckDuckGo, and then select the term you want to search for.

N.B. — If you have multiple input fields then use Ctrl+T to switch to a different search field.
Simple and effective
One search term at a time
You don’t have to type the search term in each time. Just type the search term in the box and click the Duck and it will search for the term.

Private Search
When you search for a term it will save the search term for that specific Duck session. So if you use DuckDuckGo the next time you search for a term, then the Duck will remember the search term from the previous Duck session. You can also use the Duck for multiple searches without typing in the search term each time.

Use DuckDuckGo. It’s the original, and still the only one that uses the Duck.


C++, dynamic allocation and freeing

Hi I have a program which is making a very complex 2d dynamic array for points, then the program allocates memory for a 2d array of integer for the points. The points are mostly stored in the array, and the array is very big, about eea19f52d2

With the help of Auto Fax Recorder you can easily create professional, high-quality faxes with various options and settings that allow you to record a fax as you would send an email.

Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, Auto Fax Recorder makes creating a fax document as quick and effortless as sending an email. It also features a few options to customize your faxes, including the ability to add contact names to the header or footer of your faxes and choose a template for the document.
Using Auto Fax Recorder is a breeze. You can easily navigate through the interface, and you can select the fax type, page size, paper size, and number of pages per sheet.
To customize your faxes further, users can choose whether to include a contact name, choose a color scheme, and decide on the number of lines per page. Once the content is set, you can select the number of copies to print or send as a mail attachment.
Once the document is created, you can save it to your computer or send it as a fax. Additionally, the tool can record the document and send it out to various fax servers, or you can simply print the document on a local printer.
All in all, Auto Fax Recorder is a simple, yet useful program that allows you to create professional-quality faxes in a few steps.
Feature-rich software application
Auto Fax Recorder is loaded with lots of useful features that make the software stand out from the competition. For starters, you can add a contact name to the header or footer of your faxes and choose a background color for the document.
A handy tool
You can use Auto Fax Recorder to add contact names to your faxes or choose a color scheme. Additionally, you can print faxes on a local printer or send them out to a fax server.
If you are not a fan of templates, you can also create a custom template. Auto Fax Recorder also comes with a zip archive with pre-built templates.
Auto Fax Recorder Review:

With the help of EasyHDR Pro you can instantly boost your photos’ vividness by applying multiple exposure effect (MEE) using smart digital photo editing technology.

EasyHDR Pro is a smart photo editing tool that promises to deliver professional-quality image processing at the press of a button. It also features a large number of editing options that allow users to customize their photos

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