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The Value of Money
Description: The Value of Money is a calculator which can be used to calculate the present value, compound interest, and similar ratios.
You can use it to determine the expected value of an investment or the present value of a loan.
The program also allows you to enter the required values and click the button to start.

The Value of Money is a free utility for the Windows platform. You can download and run the program without registration.

Voltan Loan Software, LLC is a company that specializes in the development of financial management solutions. Voltan Loan Software has been on the market since 2003. In that time, we have developed and successfully deployed many financial management solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Currently, we have many financial management solutions that address most of the needs of the modern business. These solutions include loan management, taxation and insurance.

Our loan management solution, Loan Management is a complete system for the planning, budgeting and repayment of loans. It supports the following features:

Loans Management system

Debt Accounting system

Insurance System

Budgeting System

Collection System

In addition, Voltan Loan Software has developed Loan Budgeting and Planning Toolkit, the best loan management system on the market, which includes all of the features of the Loan Management system.

The Loan Management toolkit is a comprehensive suite of tools that includes all the basic functions of our loan management software. In addition, you can also add to it many components that are not part of the basic toolkit. The components are developed by Voltan Loan Software to fulfill our clients’ specific needs.
37 Wn.2d 220 (1950)
223 P.2d 668
L.J. CONNER, Appellant,
No. 31543.
The Supreme Court of Washington, Department One.
May 18, 1950.
J.C. Keenan, for appellant.
Boehlert & Crossen, for respondent.
L.J. Conner appeals from an order of the superior court dismissing his appeal from an order of the board of industrial insurance appeals.
On October 24, 1948, appellant filed a claim for compensation with the board of industrial insurance appeals for injuries he had received at work. On October 28, 1948, the eea19f52d2

Tally — Auto Entry provides you with a convenient way to export year end data written in Excel to Tally without having to deal with complicated configuration settings.
Work in Excel, export in Tally
Working with Excel might seem much more easy than creating entries in Tally, since the Office application features formulas that can help you fill tables much faster. Furthermore, it comes with reachable options and comprehensive menus, integrated within the user-friendly ribbon interface specific to the Office package.
Tally — Auto Entry is actually a macro-based worksheet that activates a new tab in Excel, enabling you to easily export data. Its compatibility range includes all the Tally versions, namely Tally 7.2, Tally 9 and Tally ERP.
Easy to work with
Once you open Tally — Auto Entry, the first thing you will notice is the three available color-coded spreadsheets. There are predefined columns with specific field types that you can fill or use to insert your own data. As such, you must enter the date, the source and the destination, the transaction amount, a short description for each transfer, the voucher type and the day of the week.
If you want to enter transactions with VAT tax, there is a spreadsheet dedicated to this purpose. In this case, there are additional fields available, such as the ledger type (sales or purchase), the VAT ledger, the transaction amount and the VAT class.
Export all entries to Tally with just a few clicks
In order to export the data, you must create a new voucher series, filter the masters to be created and then generate vouchers and masters XML files. Once you import the Masters.xml and the Vouchers.xml files in Tally (in this order), your data will be available.
With the help of Tally — Auto Entry, you avoid working in Tally directly. Instead, you can enter all the data in Excel and export it with ease. However, it only supports year end data and does not allow you to work with inventory data.

This Tally — Help Desk Version 1.1 program is the most cost effective way of receiving help when you need it.

With this program, you will receive all the Tally Help Desk Version 1.1 functions such as:

-> Help Desk user by user.
-> Advanced graphical reports that enable you to analyze your Help Desk tickets.
-> Management of Help Desk users and activities.
-> Statistical data of help desk activity.

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