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Snapz: Clean up & Speed up your pc. Free up disk space, fix reg. & malware. Preview and repair images, compress your photos and save them to a JPEG format. Clean up and repair registry errors, fix malware, unlock, hidden, and restricted files, clean up temp files and cache files. Slideshows Cleanup images. Update your Antivirus to get the most out of your computer.

Qtsort: Organize your folders and files. Free up disk space, fix reg. & malware. Manage and convert from NTFS, FAT32, or Floppy Disk to an image format of your choice. Free up disk space, optimize performance, make your computer much faster, much cleaner, and free up space in seconds! Easily fix registry errors, fix malware, unlock, hide and restrict files and folders.

System Explorer: View your Windows Registry, browse your Program Files and Windows, and manage your Startup Applications. Get system information such as Active Processes, CPU Usage, Disk Free Space, Total Disk Space, Disk Usage, Memory, Free RAM and more. View and manage Image, Shortcut and ZIP files.

Speed Scanner: Speed up your PC and clean up your Registry. Free up disk space, optimize performance, make your computer much faster, much cleaner, and free up space in seconds! Easily fix registry errors, fix malware, unlock, hide and restrict files and folders.

File Shredder: Delete Internet activity, Remove Passwords, Delete Autostart items, Backup and restore data, Protect your privacy, Remove junk files, encrypt your files with password.

PC Tune-Up Tools Uninstall: Remove unwanted programs from your computer. Clean up Startup items, Speed up PC, Speed up Registry, Remove Unnecessary files, Manage Startup Applications, Remove Temporary files, Hide files and folders, Fix and lock files and folders, Free up disk space, and Remove unused Devices.

PC Tune-Up Tools 4.0.3 Crack + Key

PC Tune-Up Tools Crack is the most ideal software for troubleshooting and repairing your PC. PC Tune-Up Tools 4.0.3 Crack is a smart repair tool that offers you many tools. The program is an all-in-one repair tool that can repair any critical or minor problem. The program is available in a demo version and can repair all kinds of windows errors and registry issues. PC Tune-Up Tools can scan, repair eea19f52d2

Protect against viruses, Trojan horses and other computer threats with Kaspersky Internet Security — Free. The Kaspersky Security Cloud is the next step in the evolution of the Kaspersky Internet Security product line. It brings together cloud services, Kaspersky Intelligent Scan and other tools and functions into a new and enhanced platform, designed to offer a complete solution for securing your devices and personal data from all kinds of threats. The Kaspersky Security Cloud can be used on a number of operating systems, from Windows to Mac OS. Additionally, users can enjoy a free three-month trial version of Kaspersky Internet Security — Free.
Key features:
* Alerts — get automatic notifications when a new threat is found or a previously unidentified virus is detected.
* Kaspersky Security Cloud — you can choose where your files are protected — on your computer, on network drives, on FTP servers and other locations.
* Web protection — Kaspersky Security Cloud safeguards you from web-based attacks including spear phishing and man-in-the-browser attacks.
* Storage protection — Kaspersky Security Cloud analyzes the content of USB drives, CDs, DVDs, digital photo albums and even external hard drives.
* Anti-theft — Kaspersky Security Cloud provides data and phone security, automatically sending alerts to your mobile device when your phone is lost or stolen.
* Parental controls — control the online activities of your children and block access to inappropriate content.
* Parental controls — use secure, authorized and reliable payment methods.
* Anti-theft — protect your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and any iOS device.
* Data security — Kaspersky Security Cloud can prevent your confidential information from being stolen or corrupted, even if the disk or device is lost.
* Data security — Kaspersky Security Cloud protects personal files, documents and desktop photos stored on your computer.
* Remote wipe — you can remotely wipe your entire computer with just a mouse click.
* Email protection — secure your email against hackers and viruses.
* Email protection — send alerts when you receive an email containing a suspicious attachment.
* Email protection — protect your own email address and contacts.
* Cloud services — create a free Kaspersky Cloud account and enjoy fast, accurate and secure service across all your devices.
* Cloud services — get notified when your antivirus scans become outdated, and download the latest updates immediately.
* Cloud services — one-click downloads of your security fixes and updates

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