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The Pokémon Game Boy Advance (or Pokémon Advance, as it’s often referred to) is a game from the Pokémon series which was released in Japan on January 21st, 2002. It was first released in North America on February 11th, 2002 and in Europe on March 31st, 2002. In Japan, this game was released on the Game Boy Advance’s original date of September 20th, 2001.
PKSV features two different types of methods for opening ROMs:

Dual-Mode is a method of opening ROMs in PKSV where you place the ROM into one side of a USB Memory Card and load it into PKSV. In Dual-Mode you are allowed to use up to four ROMs at once.

Separate ROM:
Separate ROM is a method of opening ROMs in PKSV where you place the ROM into a folder on your computer. In Separate ROM you are allowed to use up to four ROMs at once. You can load up to 100 ROMs in each folder.

The front face of the device has an integrated 4-digit LED display that acts as an interface with the player. It has two buttons that allow the player to select a ROM and start playing. The right button is used to select ROMs and the left button is used to stop the game.

PKSV is equipped with the following features:

Super-Game Boy compatibility:
PKSV supports Super Game Boy compatibility and can play on all Super Game Boy games.

Hex-Editing is a method of opening ROMs in PKSV that allows the player to edit the contents of the ROM.

2-player mode:
PKSV allows up to two players to play a game of Pokémon with two Game Boy Advances.

PKSV allows the player to view the contents of a ROM.

Full Gameboy ROM support:
PKSV supports a wide variety of Game Boy ROMs including Mewtwo Strikes Back, Pokémon Gold, Pokémon Silver and Pokémon Crystal.

Full Gameboy advance ROM support:
PKSV supports a wide variety of Game Boy advance ROMs including Pokémon Crystal, Pokémon HeartGold and Pokémon SoulSilver.

On the top face of the device is a 4-digit LED display that can display information such as the ROMs that are being loaded, the time left on the game eea19f52d2

The PC’s most indispensable program is here — Insta Backup Gold. The package you’re getting now includes all the functions and settings you need to protect your files.
It will backup all your files, provide you with the possibility to view the backup logs and manage the backup tasks in the programme. Furthermore, it supports NTFS, FAT32 and Ext2/3/4 file systems. It can create full, incremental and differential backups of your files.
Even though backing up data is a complex process, Insta Backup Gold manages to simplify it, allowing you to back up important files, folders, mail databases or entire volumes without spending a considerable amount of time.
You can choose to include or exclude certain file types, play sounds after the backup image has been created, set notifications of when the backup process is completed and lastly password-protect data.
Backup tasks can be scheduled to be executed once, every day, every week or every month. Also, you can remove or manage existing tasks, as well as plan them by selecting the start date and time.
Furthermore, you are given the possibility to let the application perform full, incremental and differential backups while selecting the preferred compression level.
Create a secure zone for your data
An interesting and very useful feature is ‘Secure Zone Manager’ which enables you to create a virus-free partition, named ‘Stellar Secure Zone’ that makes sure that all your backup archives are not corrupted by the operating system or any other form of external malware attack.
Other options worth mentioning are the mount or unmount image feature that gives you easy access to backup data through the mounted virtual drive and the drive cloning method that creates an exact replica of your hard drive or any other removable drive with the only mention that you need enough storage space to execute this operation.
And many more
Insta Backup Gold includes many other features, such as being able to convert PDF files to other file formats, as well as convert audio files or video files into other formats, viewing image file properties and much more.
It is easy to use and works with all Windows operating systems. The support service is a genuine Microsoft Media player and is available on the CD. The trial version of Insta Backup Gold can be downloaded here.
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Backup Software that really works

11 Dec 2012

by Gareth Davies

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