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· Sticky Notes – new PC post-it note style notes
· Text Editor – full-featured notepad-like text editor with support for formatting
· Notes Browser – view and create notes on your PC
· New Taskbar button and notification area icon
· Multiple layouts to organize notes
· Link to edit notes and files
· Add tags and notes to notes
· Drag notes to desktop
· Notes can be printed
· Notes can be automatically uploaded to web accounts
· Synchronized notes with all of your mobile devices
· Notes can be exported as images
· Photos can be directly added to notes
· Notes can be automatically updated from web accounts
· Tagging
· Batch rename
· Filter notes
· Options for column sorting
· Pin/unpin a note from the toolbar
· Full-screen view
· Email – email a note as a zip file or save the note to your web account
· Import and export multiple formats
· Improved desktop wallpaper
· Merged with program window and exited upon exit
· Tired and dirty notes can be collapsed into a note tree
· Notes can be added to a panel
· Supports Unicode (fonts and colors)
· Supports drag and drop
· Customizable font, color, size, alpha and background
· Customized notification area icon
· Notifications and context menus
· Support for creating notes on web pages
· Supports previews
· Supports Windows Vista Sticky Notes Look
· Supports Windows XP Sticky Notes Look
· Supports Windows 7 Sticky Notes Look
· Supports Windows 8/8.1 Sticky Notes Look
· Supports the Windows 7 Notification Center
· Requires less than 2 MB of space
· Free Software

Dungeon Defenders: Legends Review

Love ’em or hate ’em, tower defense games have become a staple of gaming for a decade now. Players take on the role of a protector of the last remaining scrap of humanity, as they make their way through increasingly difficult levels to secure all three gates of a fort, often in a desperate bid to save their beleaguered population.
Among the most popular, and now entering their third generation, are action-RPGs like Infinity Blade or Diablo, all types of shooter, with genres as far-ranging as RPG, side-scroller and sports titles also making an appearance, to name a few.
All the while, a steady trickle of new and compelling types of tower defense-styled games eea19f52d2


Band Master is a lightweight cross-platform utility built specifically for helping you view DX spots in a graphical band map, as well as download them.
The user interface is clean and gives users the possibility to view the DX spots in a graphical band map or a list. The first mode displays the DX spots on a frequency scale and indicates the RX and TX frequencies of the transceiver, so you can easily notice the spots you are connected to.
Each spot on the map has a different color. For example, the recent posted spots have a green background, while the stations from the new countries are displayed with red. The application gives users the possibility to customize the colors.
The graphical representation of spots is particularly useful when scanning a specific band, while the list provides detailed information about the spots and offers access to several configurable settings.
When it comes to downloading spots, you can either grab them manually or use the automatic feature. Plus, the program offers support for Telnet DX clusters, and you can view the status of the downloading session, namely failed or successful actions.
Other important features worth mentioning enable users to view a spot history, enable sound notifications, integrate Band Master with DX Atlas for displaying spots on various maps, and select the DX cluster servers for different parts of the world.
All things considered, Band Master comes packed with many useful features for helping radio amateurs download DX spots.

Supported On:

OS X 10.6 or later

Latest release:





Bandmaster is a freeware utility which displays the DX spots on a graphical frequency map, along with the status of the spots. Bandmaster can download the spots automatically, or through the Internet. It can also display the spots for multiple bands.

Some of the supported features are as follows:

View the status of the download (it can be either completed or not)

View the most recent and unread spots

Select the update frequency for the application

Turn on and off the sound alerts

Display the activity on the website

Select the time of updates for the application

Display the required text on the website

Display the spots on a map

The application has an easy-to-use graphical user interface, and it is available for both Windows and OS X.Fluidum (lamp)

The Fluidum or Fluidum, also


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