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If you work with digital video, you know that when it comes to compressing your files you have to get the aspect ratio (or dimensions) of the video right. The Aspect Ratio Calculator for digital video helps you make these calculations.
You can choose between 16 x 9 and 4 x 3 formats. Then all you have to do is enter one of your dimensions and it calculates the other dimension for you. You can either use the online version or free downloadable version. Save time with Aspect Ratio Calculator!

ZombieStrike-X is a large-scale project for a zombie invasion, where all zombies are caught and converted into weapons for defense and strategy in a gigantic world map.

The game will be released on February 1, 2011 and you can pre-register for the early-access.
You can download the trial version of the game from here.
The Windows version is available in English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese (Traditional Chinese translation is not included). The Mac version is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.
Please download it here.

The gameplay is simple. First, you have to survive in the wide, open map. Take and use the map, and kill the zombies!

You have to watch out for the survival systems, because that also affects your gameplay. You have to find food, a shelter, a weapon, and more, to survive for as long as possible.

You can select between different weapons. You can select between a shotgun, a machine gun, a gun with a lot of ammunition, and even a rocket launcher.

You also have to select between a normal army, a stealth army, and even an army with an airplane!

When you die, you can continue in the next round, and collect all the items and zombies you killed in the previous round. There are four versions of the game, so you can play it for different lengths of time, or more than once.

The score system, the Map Points system, and the Rewards system are explained in the website. The website also explains the Special Event, the Time Attack Challenge, and the Zombie Strike World Tour!

Game Demo:
This is a game demo, and the game is not completed yet.
You can play it to experience what this game is like. This demo only includes 3 maps, and there is no tutorial.

Game Features:

Open World
In the game, you can wander around 45cee15e9a

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The application is compatible with MAC OS 10.5 and later.
VNCdroid has a great interface and a great set of features that are very functional.
The VNCdroid server can be started and stopped with the touch of a button. Furthermore, you can set a password for the connection and even use different login protocols (including SSL).
The software also supports clipboard (clipboard monitor) and clipboard viewer (clipboard viewer). By using a single mouse button, you can select text and copy it to the clipboard viewer.
The app can also show live remote desktop sessions by using its own proprietary protocol. If you are interested in remote desktop connections, this could be a good solution, but it is up to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Another good feature is the webcam streaming, which uses the webcam of the client to display a remote desktop session on your screen. Of course, you need to have a webcam on the client as well.
The software can also be controlled remotely using several different applications: for instance, you can launch VNCdroid from a web browser or from a mobile device.
The client can run as a windows service (Windows only).
VNCdroid comes in several versions, and each has its own features. For instance, there is a free edition, while the pro edition comes with a license key that allows you to keep multiple sessions on the same machine.
All versions come with a number of wizards and a built-in instruction manual. For instance, you can set up a VNCdroid server or use the VNC viewer.
VNCdroid is also compatible with Mac OS X.
VNCdroid has been developed by Dynamic Logic.
• Stunning design.
• Mac and Windows compatible.
• Tools: Webcam, clipboard, mouse and keyboard.
• Real-time video and remote desktop.
• Integrated help and reference.
• VNC protocol (server-side) and VNC viewer (client-side).
• Automatic restart in case of failure.
• Automatic log in and log out.
• Runs as a Windows service.
• Stand-alone VNC server.
• Super easy to use.
• Smooth and responsive.
• Real-time, multiperson video and remote desktop.
• Save your login information.
• Stretching feature.
• Full screen and window.
• 64-bit encryption.


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