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Rinzo XML Editor is a free XSD and XML editor for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is a small but powerful tool that allows you to view, create, edit, and modify complex XML documents.
It comes with various features to make your life easier:
Preview and compare versions of a document with the same and different content
Open and save in various formats including XSD, Xml, Html, Mml, Mpeg, Windows Media, and all the files you can think of
Compile and execute standalone XSLT 1.0 and 2.0 transform files
Save files in multiple formats including Xml, Html, Mml, Mpeg, Windows Media, and more.
The output is also written to an HTML format of your choosing
Copy and Paste functions and the ability to cut, copy and paste multiple portions of a file at once
The output can be created in a HTML format, which can then be used to display your document online
The program is both free and open source
Integration with the popular DrScheme Scheme programming language for education, development, and research
You can add multiple inputs/outputs, split windows, and more
The Windows version can run as a standalone application
The user interface consists of a left column that contains items like the active document, the last document opened, and the output format. On the right side, the user interface has a bar with the various functions of the program like open, save, read, write, and compile.
The file and the output view is on top. Below that is the horizontal scroll bar for all documents. When open/save is selected, there are a few options that can be used, such as open with, save in and open with. Under the list of output format, the program gives the preview option. For the second option, the user can choose to do a validate, and if it is not too much of a hassle, he can simply accept.
The last option is the one that lets the user output the file. There are a few of them, but the easiest is to choose the HTML option. You can save the HTML file, or simply view it.
Under the options, the program has a path bar that allows for the use of it on various machines. To the right of the scroll bar, there is a drop down list of all files. You can navigate through them or search through them if you so desire.
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KEYMACRO is a simple to use application that shows your current MAC address and allows you to change your computer’s IP address. By using this program you can share your computer’s IP address with the world. It is only necessary to run the program once to set your current IP address. KEYMACRO will auto-detect when you’re connected to the Internet and let you know if you are currently connected and if your IP address has changed. It also includes a feature to automatically reconnect you to the Internet when you disconnect so you do not have to restart the computer.
My IP Address Notes:
You may need to change your current IP address. If your current IP address is currently set to «auto detect», your IP address may have changed. You can find your current IP address by either looking in the network connection properties window (usually on the tray icon) or by using
Review Policy:
ANY programs that are reported as Virus free may be reviewed by for malware.
If you find that your installer is not properly updated, please contact me with your name and email address and I will update your file to ensure it is good. All files that are reported as virus free will be reviewed by for malware.
If you find that the file you are downloading is corrupted, that the file you are downloading does not work, or that you cannot install the file please contact me with your name and email address and I will send you a new file. If your email is unavailable I will send you a message using my database email address.
If you are sending me a file please do not send me the whole installer, send me only the parts that are needed.
I do not want you to email me your product, this is not necessary. I do not want to download your product. All I need is a link to where you can download the files that are needed to install your product. This way we do not need to download your product and I don’t need to keep a file of your product on my server.
If you are sending me a file please do not send me the whole installer, send me only the parts that are needed. I do not want to download your product, I only want the parts that are needed.
In all cases, the file that you are downloading will be sent to you in a zip file. All files will be removed after installation.

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