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1. Let us know if there is a particular feature you like or dislike.
2. If you have any suggestions, improvements or errors, Please contact us via Ebay help

Ebay Calculator is a useful and reliable Windows based program which gives you the possibility to easily find out your costs for selling items on ebay. It is easy to use and will let you know exactly how much money you are making on your items.
Here are some key features of «eBay Fee Calculator Basic Edition»:
■ Caclulates all the listing, final value fees for eBay
■ Calculates Paypal fees (can be disabled too if you accept Money orders only or have your own Merchant Account)
■ Includes fees for all ebay options such as gallery, highlighting, multiple pictures e.t.c
■ Works with Windows 2000 and Windows XP
■ Easy to use with integreated help features
■ Free Updates when ebay prices change
■.NET Framework 1.1
■ Limited calculations in Gallery/Bond
KEYMACRO Description:
1. Let us know if there is a particular feature you like or dislike.
2. If you have any suggestions, improvements or errors, Please contact us via Ebay help

«Nowadays, you can hardly buy a product without «store» terms and conditions. Those «store» conditions are a part of every commercial transactions and we all agree to those terms and conditions when we buy something. But what if I don’t want to agree to those terms and conditions? This question has become more frequent due to the fact that recently the amount of terms and conditions has risen day by day.
It is almost impossible to find a product on the Internet that doesn’t have a term and condition sheet. That’s why I decided to make this program.
The «TERMS AND CONDITIONS ISLETTOR» program was designed to make your life easier by automatically detecting all the terms and conditions you agree to when you buy a product on the Internet. Just install this program, set a product ID and press «START» button. This program will show the entire terms and conditions on that product in a nice way. The program will read all the terms and conditions and automatically calculate the amount of those fees (if any) and then show that amount in a nice form.
This program has many features. For example, it 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is a freeware utility with which you can make modifications to your keyboard shortcuts. It’s a handy way to make your keyboard shortcuts more productive, and is also a nice one to keep on hand when configuring a new machine.
Main window
The main window is divided into two sections, one showing all shortcuts that are saved in your current database, and the other one reserved for the configuration of your keyboard shortcuts. The keyboard shortcuts in the first section can be shown, or hidden, as you please.
Both sections have a search field which enables you to find a particular shortcut in the database, or to create your own shortcut. Once you’re done editing, it’s easy to make an adjustment. The shortcuts are displayed in a small list view, with each key shown with its definition.
You can edit your keyboard shortcuts in three different ways. First of all, each shortcut can be individually edited, giving you the ability to customize the shortcut to perform a particular function, or a series of different functions. Secondly, each shortcut can be assigned a combination, which is the hotkey shortcut which gets activated when you press the assigned combination of keys. In third place, you can create your own shortcut, which will then get recorded in the database, ready to be used by other applications.
Every modification can be saved in the database, with the corresponding changes to be reflected automatically when you next open the application. The database can be saved, or only keystroke definitions can be edited.
In conclusion
KEYMACRO offers a lot of editing options for users who want to customize their keyboard shortcuts, and to change their hotkeys to fit their daily requirements. However, the editing process can get a bit tricky, with keystrokes being assigned to other keys, and shortcuts being re-assigned to entirely new functions.
What’s more, the application doesn’t provide any way to record your own shortcuts, so you’ll need to create your own database instead. Lastly, the application doesn’t show all of your shortcuts on the main window, which is something you will probably want to fix.
Learn more at

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