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Keyvelocity user control:
•Inputs: Playback signal, Left/Right channels (V/R)
•Delays: Delay time and wet/dry
•Matrix: Amplitude and Delay with AM-AM and AM-PM
•Filter: 4th order low pass filter frequency and Q factor
•Modulator: AM-AM and AM-PM
•Volume: Volume
•Mute: Mute
•Pan: Pan Left and Pan Right
Delay sections:
•Delay Input: Playback signal
•Delay Time: Delay time
•Delay Mix: Wet/dry mix
•Dry Mix: Stereo delay mix
•Delay Feedback: Feedback control
•Delay Line: Delays section line
You can use the effects in different ways. You can use the delay input as a stereo effect with the Dry Mix control adjusted to balance the wet and dry mix. You can play the input or use the pan controls to pan the signal. Or you can just use the delay as a chorus effect, play the input, pan it and play it again and again. As you can imagine, this effect is best when there is some reverb in the system to make this sound a little more natural, though.
Distortion section:
•Effect Type: Distortion
•Delay Dry: Stereo dry delay
•Delay Wet: Stereo wet delay
•Delay Mix: Delay mix
•Output: Outputs
•Delay Feedback: Feedback control
•Delay Line: Delays section line
•Delay Wet/Dry: Dry mix
•Delay Dry/Wet: Wet mix
•Delay Dry/Mix: Mix output
•Delay Wet/Mix: Mix output
•Delay Mix/Mix: Mix outputs
•Delay Mix/Wet: Wet mix
•Delay Wet/Mix: Mix outputs
•Delay Dry/Mix: Mix outputs
•Delay Wet/Mix: Mix outputs
•Delay Dry/Mix: Mix outputs
•Delay Wet/Mix: Mix outputs
•Delay Mix/Mix: Mix outputs
•Delay Mix/Wet: Wet mix
•Delay Dry/Mix: Mix outputs
•Delay Wet/Mix: Mix outputs
•Delay Dry/Mix: Mix outputs
•Delay Wet/Mix: Mix outputs 70238732e0

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Scicos is a set of graphical programming and numerical computing software for real time and fast prototyping. A software editor is available to create graphical blocks. Each block is composed of a graphical window and a programming view. In the programming view a special block can be created which can interact with the variables, constants, signals, and constraints of the graphical blocks.
Besides these basic functions, Scicos supports multi-threading, multi-instrument, multi-user, and multi-platform.

Scicos libraries
Scicos development is using the java language.
Scicos contains a set of library that are considered standard.

— javax.swing: This is a component architecture for user interfaces.
— javax.swing.plaf.nimbus: This is a core library for high-quality color palettes.
— javax.swing.text: This is a general purpose text framework.
— java.awt: This is an API that allows you to develop graphic user interface.

How to Install Scicos?

To install Scicos, you will need to download the software and install the library.
It’s important to have an operating system that has java installed in order to run the Scicos Editor. For example, on Windows the Java Runtime Environment can be installed. On Mac, you will need to install Apple’s Java 7 or higher.
After you have installed the runtime environment, you can download Scicos by clicking on the link given below:

Installation and License:

Scicos is distributed under the GNU General Public License. The software is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms.
Scicos is provided free of charge. For more information you can download it from here.

Source Code:

Scicos is open source and is available for download. The source code can be found here.


To get help with the software, you can go to the Scicos website where you can find more information and documentation.

Complementing Scicos

Scicos is a graphical programming and numerical computing software that can be used in an interactive mode and also as an analysis tool. It uses the java language.
The interface between the two parts (the graphical blocks) can be a challenge. There are several tools that can help you:

— JOGL: Java Open Graphics Library.


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