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Local dentist among team of Iowa volunteers for Maryland tobacco ban

After a year of studying a national anti-tobacco law in Iowa, which bans smoking in all public indoor spaces, dental hygienist Jennifer Norris says it is working.

«The law has been very successful,» said Norris, who has lived in Maryland for a year. «The law has been implemented exactly as it was supposed to be and I think that it has been beneficial to the state as well.»

Iowa is the first state to implement such a smoking ban and a majority of those states that have had the ban in place have reported a decrease in tobacco-related illnesses and deaths, Norris said.

How are other states dealing with smoking bans?

Meanwhile, a number of states, including New Jersey, Colorado and Maryland, have implemented smoking bans in more public settings than in Iowa. Maryland, in the latest of those efforts, banned smoking in bars, restaurants, retail stores, movie theaters and casinos. The new law, which went into effect this week, makes Maryland the 16th state with such a ban, according to the advocacy group Smoke Free America.

Maryland banned smoking at any restaurant or bar last year.

Another local dentist, Dr. P. Andrew Nath, worked on the Maryland smoking ban in the state legislature and said he was optimistic about the state’s law.

«I’ve been a smoker for 40 years and I don’t have to go into bars or restaurants to smoke anymore,» said Nath, who works at Family Dental Care on East Washington Avenue. «I think it has a positive effect.»

‘The law has been very successful’

Nath said he also found the Maryland law to be fairly straightforward.

«It’s a smoking ban, but you don’t have to arrest people,» Nath said


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Train to Busan: Peninsula 东边需要谋革: 长江恐怖袭击和越南海河变形. Main Cast: Kim Soo Hyun, Jung Woo, Hwang Jung Eum, Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Hye Jin, Yoon Jong Soo, Kwon Eun Sae.. The 23rd Train To Busan is here! Watch trailer of new movie of The Outfit, Asia




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