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Photo Editor Overview
With Photo Editor, you can transform your images into works of art. With this photo editor, you will easily edit your images and enhance your photo capture experience.
Photo Editor Features:
— Transform your photos into works of art
— Collage your photos together
— Add a border to your photos
— Easily edit photos on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
— Enhance photos with filters and effects
— Add amazing effects to your images
— Quickly share your work with your friends
— Select or edit the images you want to work on
— Choose from different categories and categories

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AKVIS Refocus 6.5.571.14258 Crack+

AKVIS Refocus is a reliable photo editor that can help you repair the unpleasant out-of-focus effect. The image distortion can appear when the camera is used with an incorrect focus point or if the image is captured before the device can set the right focus. The resulting images are blurred or not sharp enough.
Photo fixer
AKVIS Refocus offers several sharpening tools that enable you to add the crispness effect to overly blurred areas, as well as apply artificial blurring to other areas. In other words the object you wish to capture in a photo needs to be in-focus, while the background can be blurred. When the camera rendered the focus in a wrong point, the image loses its subject and the problem needs to be repaired.
With AKVIS Refocus you can apply several types of sharpening effects, according to the area in the photo you wish to refocus. The basic Refocus requires that you manually select the focus area and the background, then applies the correction according to the adjusted parameters. The correction refers to the focus fix and the background blurring.
Specialized sharpening tools
For a quicker and effortless process, you can choose the Tilt-Shift or the Iris Blur. The Tilt-Shift technique allows you to apply a gradual blur filter, in order to simulate the Bokeh effect. Thus, the top and bottom margins of the photo suffer the most blurring, while the center is sharp. Dotted lines mark the areas of transition from more to less blur.
The Iris Blur works similarly, only the blur lines are not applied horizontally, but circularly. Additionally, the transition between the blur zones are much softer than in theTilt-Shift. You can easily increase the diameter of the iris, by the vertical or the horizontal axes. Additionally, you may adjust the level of blur, rotation or distortion applied to the image.
In-focus photos within seconds
With AKVIS Refocus you can easily apply advanced image distortion effects to your pictures. The software specializes in applying blur and sharpness to the image, thus artificially correcting the focus in them. Moreover, it offers a Before/After paralleled view or displays the original image and the result in separate tabs.
Working with AKVIS Refocus
To work with AKVIS Refocus, you need to open the program, select one of the various tabs and start editing. You can fix the focus on the image in several ways. A blurred photo can look interesting, if the focus is

What’s New in the?

The Internet is awash with free programs that enable you to convert videos and photos. Some of them can work with videos and photos of any size, while others support very limited formats and may require that you upgrade your computer. Among these programs, there are those that work faster than others. And if they are very fast, it means that they sometimes cause a delay in the photo processing. In some cases, the final quality of the output may be noticeably inferior.
One of the best alternative photo editing programs is PictureSoft Photo Editor, which has an intuitive user interface. The software provides a fast and reliable way to apply a variety of photo retouching effects. With PictureSoft Photo Editor, you can remove unwanted objects and details, adjust the brightness, contrast, and white balance, as well as apply special effects to the image. All of these tasks are performed with a simple drag and drop, making it easier than ever to apply the effects you like to your photos.
Every adjustment is a matter of seconds. For instance, you can resize or crop the image or even remove its background. You can also apply the sepia effect or remove unwanted objects. Additionally, there are more than 50 effects available to enhance your pictures.
Any one of the 50+ effects that can be applied to your photos and videos in PictureSoft Photo Editor.
A flexible and intuitive interface.
The tool supports a lot of the latest and most popular formats. And it works reliably even with videos and photos of any size. All you need to use this tool is a good internet connection and a webcam. And you can even upload the processed photos and videos to Facebook and YouTube.
The interface is clear and intuitive. You can easily select the photo or video files to process. This means that you can apply the effects in batches.
Easy drag and drop.
Unlike many other programs, PictureSoft Photo Editor offers an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly select the photo and the video files. And the photo editing tool also lets you apply a variety of effects, resizing and cropping. Additionally, you can even remove the background of your photos and videos.
But it doesn’t stop here. You can easily upload your finished work to social media. Thus, you can share your work with your friends, family or even upload your videos to a YouTube channel.
The program lets you apply 20+ effects to your images and videos in just seconds.
The powerful video and photo editing program.
After you are done with editing your pictures and videos, you can preview them in high quality before you save them. You can also save them to DVD or burn them to a CD.
With this program, you can easily crop, resize and merge photos and videos, as well as easily merge photos, videos and audio into a single project. It allows you to choose any audio from your PC’s sound system. It supports MP3, MP4, MP2

System Requirements For AKVIS Refocus:

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista or Windows 7, SP1
Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista or Windows 7, SP1
Windows XP SP1, Windows Vista or Windows 7, SP1
Minimum system requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP2