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KEYMACRO turns your Mac into a keylogger that records every keystroke. It is fast and easy to use. You can store everything on a USB drive, the cloud, or email it to yourself.
KEYMACRO records all the information that you type on your Mac, including all your passwords and usernames. You can view this data in a database. It includes password expiration dates, email addresses, and anything else you type.
KEYMACRO logs and archives your web browsing history, search history, and all the sites you go to.
* Up to 30 login sessions per keylogger file
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The Best Laptop Battery for iPad Air 2
For using an iPad for long hours, the battery needs to be charged again and again. So, it is very necessary to use the right iPad battery for it. iPad air 2 is a good tablet. It is a very good tablet. The battery power is not very good for a tablet. So, you have to use the good iPad battery for it. The power can be very less for a tablet. It depends on the use of the tablet.
In this post, we are going to tell you about the best laptop battery for iPad Air 2.
The iPad Air 2 is very good tablet. It has a very good battery. And it is a very expensive tablet. The battery is not good.
So, if you want to use a tablet for long hours then you have to use the right iPad battery for it.
Apple iPad Air 2 has the power of 3450 mAh and a battery life of 12 hours.
The Power is very good in it. If you use it for a long time then the battery will go off.
If you use it for the whole day and then it runs the battery completely.
But the battery power of the iPad is not very good.
If you want the good battery then you have to buy the right battery for iPad.
iPad Air 2 has a battery of 1792 mAh and the battery capacity is 5.45 Ah.
If you want to use it for more than 1-2 hours then you have to use the right battery for it.
If you use it for 3

Duplicacy Free Download For PC

Duplicacy is an advanced yet novice-accessible, cross-platform piece of software that makes it possible for you to back up your files to some of the most popular cloud storage platforms out there, namely Blackblaze, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure and Dropbox.
Backup personal documents to cloud storages with efficient encryption
As an added bonus, the application also encrypts your files and, thanks to a state of the art deduplication algorithm, it also stores identical files as one copy, therefore compressing data and maximizing the storage potential of your cloud accounts.
Subsequent to a typical and swift installation, you can get started with the app right away. Upon launching the app, you are met by a compact main window with all the app’s features right on display.
Clear-cut interface and straightforward workflow
You will basically have to work within three self-explanatory tab menus, namely Backup, Restore, Logs. The first thing you should do is to select the local directory that needs to be backed up. Getting passed the folder exclusion options provided, you then need to choose where the backup files should be stored.
This said, you can opt to store your backups on your local disk or any SFTP server or one of the supported cloud storages, mentioned at the beginning. If you choose the SFTP storage option, you are required to undergo a simple configuration process: you will need to type in the server, username, directory and password or private key.
Manually backup your files or schedule automatic backups with ease
It goes without saying that, to successfully configure and log in, you will need valid credentials for the rest of the options, as well. Once you are done with the storage configuration process, the utility will prompt you to add a storage password.
Finally, you are now ready to start the backup process by clicking the designated button or your can schedule automatic backups at specific times.
Simple and efficient app that adds an extra layer of security to

What’s New In?

Back up your files to some of the most popular cloud storages out there: Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure, Blackblaze, and Dropbox.
Backed up by powerful cloud-based storage providers like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Microsoft Azure.
Add a powerful layer of encryption and deduplication to your backups.
Thanks to the advanced state of the art compression engine, this is an efficient tool that will allow you to backup your data to the cloud.
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System Requirements:

You must have Java SE 6 Update 21 or later.
You may be required to install one or more additional programs: Oracle Java Web Start 5.0 and later, Oracle Java Web Start 6.0 and later, Oracle Java 6 Update 21 and later, Oracle Java 7 Update 11 and later, Oracle Java 8 Update 50 and later.
All Oracle Software must be installed with administrative privileges.
All Oracle software must be installed and configured on one or more systems.
Accepting License Agreement
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